Week 1 Readings

Apple Lisa: The ‘Ok’ Computer

By Adi Robertson

This reading by The Verge is an incredible exposé into the origins of human-computer interaction. It talks about the Apple Lisa, the failed but highly innovative predecessor to the original Macintosh.

Guiding Questions

  • The article mentions the birth of human-computer interaction. Based off what you read, how would you define HCI?

  • What made the development of the Lisa different to other computers at the time? Why do you think it failed?

  • The folks who made Lisa designed a product that was universal, designed around humans instead of tasks. This is one of the many reasons the computer was more user-friendly and accessible. What are some task-centric products that could be more human centered?

    • This is useful for bug-finding, as you’ll explore throughout this week and next week?
  • Apple made the new Vision Pro mixed reality headset. How is this new product similar to Lisa? How is it different?

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Beyond “Good Job”: How to Give Impactful Feedback

By Zach Adams

This article, written by a UX Writer at Spotify, explores how to give meaningful, proper feedback. Feedback is crucial to the field of design, and knowing how to deliver good feedback is a crucial skill for any good designer!

Guiding Questions

  • In just 1-2 sentences, what are the key elements of good feedback?

  • Reflect on a time where you’ve received meaningful feedback. How did it impact/benefit your efforts?

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